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Influencer Tbilisi - The influence is the most appreciated thing today. The brand needs the recommendations of the influential people, creating the awareness and stimulating the sales. Just, influencer Tbilisi connects brands and influential people, Influencer Tbilisi creates and develops communication platform in new media, helping brands find the right auditor, get it right and willingness to buy.

Influencer Tbilisi is represented by three main services on the market: influence strategy, influence event and influence consultation.

Who are Influencers

Influencers are individuals who have knowledge, experience, authority and actions they can influence over people and groups through their planned actions. They are competent in their field, create special information, have followers and subscribers in social networks, actively use news media channels and means to popularize brands, products and promote sales. Influencer can be: blogger, vlogger, journalist, popular face, expert or simply interested in different topics who actively uses media and social networks platforms to gain influence over people, demonstrates their lifestyle, create visual and textual content, and make brands popular.

We do offer you a service including the rising awareness and popularity of the brand through communicative activities of the influential people.

Influencer Strategy

Includes working out /developing/ the brand communicative strategy with the following directions:

  • Putting forward the brand with a creative idea.
  • Identifying the influential people and creating a connection with the brand.
  • Making conception and ideas of story and defining social and traditional media channels;
  • Working out the mechanism of planning and managing the events.
  • Creating the conception of visual communication of the brand;
  • Working out the ideas of photo-video stories;
  • Drawing up an action plan;
  • Maintaining the monitoring.
  • Maintaining the monitoring.
* The cost of strategy development starts from 4500 GEL

Influencer Event

Includes the brand event planning and working out the managing conception and its implementation with the following directions:
  • Working out /developing/ the idea of the event through the identity.
  • Identifying the influential people and creating the connection with the event;
  • Coverage of the event through new and traditional media.
  • Providing with monitoring.
* The cost of strategy development starts from 4500 GEL

Influencer Consulting

Includes brand consulting to create awareness and increase the sales with the following directions:
  • Consulting, planning and implementing the brand image communicative and reputation activities
  • Consulting for searching the ties of the brand with influential people.
  • Consulting, right communication of the brand and production and determining relevant communication channels and means;
  • Consulting, social networking, management and CEO management issues.
  • Consulting, forming and managing a personal image.
* Minimum time of consultation is 2 hours, the price starts from 500 GEL
  • Bosch - Elite Electronics

    Brand: Bosch & Elite Electronics

    Challenge: Bosch new product launch Autocook Multicooker in Georgian Market

    Solution: Planning and Managing culinary masterclass with master chief Manuel for young moms

    Results: Social network Facebook and Instagram platforms, total reach 45. 670

  • Exclusive Florence Jewellery Boutique Ponte Vecchio

    Brand: Exclusive Florence Jewellery Boutique Ponte Vecchio

    Challenge: To Be in the Top of A Mind Jevellery Brand.

    Solution: Using the strategies outlined in Influencer Marketing

    Results: Awareness raising 30, increased sales 50, FB likes + 50% & Engagement + 35 %

  • Arttime - CK

    Brand: Arttime – CK

    Challenge: Promotion campaign for Calvin Klein watches' new collection

    Solution: Planning and Management of influencer campaign

    Results: Total reach of 54.564 on Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) platforms

  • Hairline international

    Brand: Hair Line International hair transplantation and care clinic

    Challenge: Introduction of hair care injection procedure to male audience

    Solution: Planning and Management of influencer campaign

    Results: Significantly raised product awareness; total reach of 38.340 on Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) platforms


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