Why do the brands need influencers & influencer Marketing Agency Service ?

Influencer communication has been the most important method for public relations and marketing leading professionals in the last decade.

Influencers are the people who can influence over the decision to buy the product or service received by others, through their authority, knowledge or relationship.

Influener is an active person involved in social networks who can influence over the perception or motivation of others. Influencerss should have three basic factors: the proper delivery of the brand, the contextual trustworthiness and sales skills. The higher the factors are, the higher is the impact of this personality.

Good Influencer Communication focuses on building honest relationships with the Influencers and shares them with useful, unique exclusive or new information.

As research on global confidence in advertising has shown, the user continues getting to know to the idea of friends and other users, and consider it to be the most reliable source of advertising. Comsuemers do trust more in the third part recommendations than brands themselves.

According to the researches, customer confidence in a potential customer's personal network reaches 90%. To the question  what kind of impact do consumers have on the quality  attracted by  influencer marketing, 71% of global marketers are considered by consumers to be the best ones.

Instagram is the best platform for inluencer communication, according to the survey  75% of instagram followers act  inspired by the post, while 60% say they found a new product on Instagram.

Along with the development of influeness communication, Influner Communication Agencies get important the  advantages of which are as follows:

Knowledge and competence - It is of great importance to possess good knowledge of market and social media, as well as analysis, what approach works and what does not.

Analysis – carried out the analysis properly, which influencer has which strategy, what kind of audiences is involved and what potential they possess. Finding a Campaign or Form of Content - An integrated and well-established approach is more effective to research for brand than single communication activities on the social network. Influencing agencies support brands in the development and implementation of a well-organized strategy.

And finally - Assessment - The counting and monitoring of the results is one of the main components of the influencer campaign, as the results are measured by the strategy of the Influencer Campaign, Influencer and Agency and its effectiveness.